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"The Majority Rules"  takes the reader behind the curtains of the secret world of the Federal Judiciary and recounts a believable scenario of how one judge can manipulate the judicial system and to what length a rich, ruthless attorney will go to protect his successful law practice.

Praise for The Majority Rules

“New thriller writer but veteran legal hand (Nixon White House lawyer, Reagan judge) Sullivan writes in that lucrative, nuance-be-damned Tom Clancy prose so perfectly suited to straight-arrow Irish-American can-do guys taking on the rats of this world.”
--Kirkus Reviews

“Sullivan creates characters interesting enough to hold readers' attention, and he keeps things moving fast."
--Publishers Weekly

“Sullivan brings stunning real-world experience and insight....As a jurist he knows whereof he speaks and his characters reflect that on every page. This is a great story well told."
--Dale Dye, bestselling author of Platoon




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