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EUGENE SULLIVAN is a Federal Judge (Senior Status), a graduate of West Point and a Vietnam Veteran. He has served as an Army Ranger Instructor, a White House lawyer, a Dept. of Justice trial attorney, and the General Counsel of both the U.S. Air Force and the ultra-secret National Reconnaissance Office, America's Spy satellite Agency.

Currently, Judge Sullivan is a senior partner of the global judicial/law enforcement consulting firm, The Freeh Group International (


"The Report to the Judiciary" is Eugene Sullivan's second novel. In it, he tells the tense story of a controversial Senate confirmation of the first African-American nominated to be the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Former Judge Tim Quinn, the hero of Sullivan's first thriller ("The Majority Rules"), is asked to help in the U.S.Senate confirmation of recently nominated Justice Oscar Moorman to take the "Center Seat" on the Supreme Court after the unexpected death of the Chief Justice in the final months of a "lame duck" Republican Presidency.

    Set in November 2008, the novel's confirmation battle is a judicial mirror of the 2008 Presidential campaign....the one difference is that the votes of only 100 Senators, not the Country, will make Moorman the first African-American to head one of the Branches of the U.S. Government. 

    Judge Quinn, prosecutor Vicky Hauser (also from "The Majority Rules"), and Justice Moorman together battle the racial smears from internet/media and the political attacks by the opposition Senators as corporate interests and murder drive the confirmation to its unexpected conclusion.

A take on Othello, Shakespeare's classic tale of calumny and revenge, set against
the wheelings and dealings of Congress and the Supreme Court.  Written
by a judicial insider who knows the secrets behind the headlines.


"A page-turner with a true insider's knowledge." - David Baldacci, New York
Times bestselling author




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